What I Love About Stacy...

Stacy is a mother of seven children and three grandchildren.  She is a business coach that focuses on supercharging her clients businesses without sabotaging their health and relationships.  Instead through her guidance and influence she helps them to thrive in all areas of their lives.  

She is an example of this in her personal life.  She maintains a high level of fitness and has warm rich relationships.  She has been married for 30 years this year and people often mistake them for newlyweds.  Her adult children are co-founders in her business, Happy Life Results. They love to travel and spend time all together outside of business hours.

There was a period of her life where she was exhausted mentally and emotionally and struggled to put even one thing on her calendar each week. She was ill a lot and slept 12 hours a night.  She avoided new opportunities and felt stagnant in her personal growth. Her new year’s resolutions stayed the same year after year. 

Some mentors came into her life that embodied the lifestyle she wanted. Through their patience guidance she came to see that putting things on the calendar good. They encouraged her to expand her horizons.  Over the course of a few years she drastically improved her health and wellness. 

She started intermittent fasting, eating healthy, exercising and sleeping less. Her life became her ideal life. Through discussing various options for her future, she decided that being a coach that helped people would be an amazing experience.

 She got the opportunity to speak on stages internationally and make Mel Gibson laugh on stage in Las Angeles. She started her coaching career with a bang, coaching 26 clients in her first three months.  She hired several business coaches and built a thriving business and helps many people each day.   

She can help you build your business while thriving in all areas of life.  She supports, encourages and cheerleads you to success! She has been called, “The Happiest Person on the Planet,” by the World’s #1 Wealth Coach JT Foxx. She has met and learned from many famous and successful people including Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak, Michael Douglas, Dr. Phil, Jessica Simpson, Brooke Shields, Jillian Michales (trainer on Biggest Loser Reality Show) and Mike Slade (Former Strategic Advisor for Steve Jobs).